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Varsity Basketball

By Logan Wiley February 10 2017, Chapman traveled to Concordia to compete. The girls started off the evening. First quarter Chapman was down by seven points. They tried to even out the score but failed…

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Tuesday Varsity Basketball

By Logan Wiley Tuesday 7 February 2017, Chapman went to Wamego to play. Girls trailed Wamego and by halftime they were down six points. Continuing to play hard until the end of the game, they…

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By Robert Honeychurch Most of us remember going through the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in the fifth or sixth grade. Each week a uniformed constable would visit the classroom (accompanied by his plush…

Girls Basketball Fights for the Win

By Logan Wiley Friday 3rd, 2017 Chapman varsity went against South East Saline. The home game had the stands filled as the girls started the evening. They were off to a rough start and by…

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Scholars’ Bowl Celebrates a Successful Season

By Robert Honeychurch CHS Scholars’ Bowl competed Thursday, 2 February in regionals at Abilene High School. The team proceeded to the final rounds, but lost rounds by exceedingly slim margins, all requiring a tie breaker….

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Royal Valley Basketball Tournament

By Logan Wiley Varsity Basketball had a tournament at Hoyt from Thursday 19 to Saturday 21, 2017. Starting off the three day tournament, Chapman defeats both Royal Valley girls and boys teams. The girls ended…

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Drinking Age Increases Counterproductive

By Robert Honeychurch In 1971, the United States ratified the 26th Amendment to the Constitution, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. The amendment was passed in just over three months, a record…