What Valentine’s Day Means at CHS

By Miranda McGrath Sneaking up faster than expected, Valentine’s Day comes around once again. The stores filled with roses and boxes of chocolate for someone’s significant other. Valentine’s Day is a very romantic and happy day but for those without lovers it can mean something completely different. St. Valentine’s Day is the world’s “holiday of … Continue reading

Scholar’s Bowl 2016

By John Young Scholars bowl is a fun and unique way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Nothing like eating free cookies that schools provide you, having long conversations on the way back from a meet, and enjoying the thrill of answering a few questions correctly. “It’s all about the fun we having during the meet, … Continue reading

Forensics 2016

By Mariah Lowe What is “Forensics”? Dictionary definition states that Forensics(n) is ‘the art or study of argumentation and formal debate.’ There are nine(9) different performances during Forensics: for examples, such as Oration- or persuasive speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duet Acts, Poetry, and Informative speeches. All performances must be memorized except for Poetry and … Continue reading

The Case for Barack Obama

By Robert Honeychurch There has been very little good said about Barack Obama in this school and state over the past seven years, which doesn’t surprise me, being blue in a red state. I will not try to show that his presidency is perfect, or that all criticism is unjustified. I will merely point out … Continue reading