FCCLA Conferences

By Adrianna Welsh

Family, Career, Community Leader of America (FCCLA) is an organization/club in which students can interact and compete with of students from different schools. When teams compete they compete by FACS class. You can chose any class you want. The FACS classes depend on classes that are taught at the school by Sonya Anders who is the advisor of Chapman’s FCCLA group. There is Culinary Essentials, Career and Life Planning, Child Development, Clothing, Interior design, etc. There are many more classes to choose from. When FCCLA competes, each individual person chooses which class they want to compete for, speak about the topic, and get judged/rated. FCCLA competes every year at the beginning of August. This is the “Take aim” meeting, it is for officers of FCCLA.In the first week of November FCCLa attends the Fall Leadership Conference (FLC). Star Events are when you have many different topics and everyone is allowed to compete. In late April, early May there is a state competition. Students will compete to go to Nationals.

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