A Christmas Carol

By Madison Smith

This fall production was A Christmas Carol. The dates the performance was shown were on November 2nd and the 4th. The lead role of Scrooge was played by Matthew Ballay. Ghost of Christmas past was played by freshman McKenna Kirkpatrick, Ghost of Christmas Present was played by senior Savana Gorman, and Ghost of Christmas Future played by junior Ty Seibert. Junior Madeline Elliott played the solicitor #2. Her thoughts on the play were, โ€œ At first it was pretty tough having to learn all the lines and where to stand. It was very interesting learning the true meaning of the play. In the end I think we did a fantastic job and I think people really enjoyed it. It is sad knowing this was the seniors last fall musical/play, but we hope to see them in our spring play.ยจ

The director of the play was English teacher Mrs. Collette Erickson. She has directed 6 plays and this was her 4th musical here at Chapman High School. Mrs. Erickson felt it was a great musical.โ€ The only thing I would of changed was the lighting on the bridge. Lots of times it looked like people had shadows on their faces. Overall I had a great time with working with students and watching everyone get into character. The set, costumes, makeup and just everything was beautiful.โ€ A Christmas Carol got a lot of great feedback, especially with the performances the cast put on. In the end, A Christmas Carol was a heartfelt show that left people wanting more.

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