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WE are the Emerald. Our staff is made up of students of all grades and backgrounds. Our focus is school events and broader events with a proximal impact on Chapman High School. We publish feature length stories, editorials, opinion and lifestyle pieces. Opinion pieces may not reflect the opinion of the Emerald; editorials are a collective effort and do reflect the official opinion of our staff.

As of 2015, the Dickinsonian will no longer be issued in print, and has merged with the Emerald. Chapman High News also posts to this site;  however, they remain an autonomous entity.

Our goal is to form and inform the next generation of Americans and world citizens. A free press is crucial for society to grow free from the oppression of tyrants and the crueler of ignorance. To know that we have had even a small hand in shaping this society fills our staff with pride. We realise, though, that the responsibility upon us is huge. Because of that, we dedicate ourselves to fairness & accuracy. For the day a news service issues a story in bad faith is the day the tyrants win.

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Editors, Dickinsonian: Robert Honeychurch II,

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  • Matt Henderson

    I really enjoy being able to read your paper and watch CHN on the web. Last year I was unable to find either one online and when I did they were old and few. I remember a few years ago when you could find them and watch them every week. I hope this year is better than the last couple as I enjoy being able to see what my sons and other students are doing.

    • Shasta Acheson

      I hope you are enjoying the content we have been displaying so far this year! CHN is currently working on their broadcast and you will hopefully see that posted on the website as well at the end of next week. The goal is to have one broadcast every two weeks until the students are familiar and comfortable with all of the technical aspects of it, and then try taking it to once a week.

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